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Direct to Film (DTF) transfers by size - Gang Sheet

Print any design and transfer it onto any product, material & color with incredible durability. 


**Gang sheets must be print ready** 


No minimums. Our DTF transfers are perfect for small and large orders! You can print any design, with any number of colors and level of detail. Files must be emailed to (include size) and must meet the following criteria:

*High quality file

*300dpi minimum

*Transparent background (very important)

*PNG file

*Order Number

Gang Sheet DTF Prints

  • DTF Application Instructions:

    Press at 320 degrees for 15 seconds using firm pressure. Remove the garment from the press, and let sit until it has completely cooled. Peel film, cover with parchment paper and repress at 320 degrees for an additional 15 seconds.

    DTF Storage Instructions:

    Store transfers in a sealed container until ready to use. Keep in a dry location that is room temperature

    No direct sunlight

    Lay transfers flat while storing

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